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OfferDash is the Do It Yourself version of a real estate agent where you get to decide whether you want a little support or a lot. We have taken all the tools of an agent and automated them and made them available to you. We can help you list your home on MLS, create a strategic marketing plan, provide competitive market pricing, professional photography, staging, signs, and a lockbox. We even have many more customized services. You get to pick what level package is right for you. All of these packages will save you thousands of dollars in traditional real estate fees.

With OfferDash, you create your MLS listing completely online then manage the sale of your home through our push-button simple dashboard on your phone or computer. And we are here to support you every step of the way. OfferDash will help you sell your home and save you a lot of money. We also pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Our goal is very happy home sellers and buyers.

Yes! We have a whole help center to answer all your questions about creating listings, open houses, dealing with customers, etc. You can visit our help center at OfferDash Help Center.

We don’t exclude any buyers from our listing agreement. If your home sells while you are listed with us, the fee is due. The fee is for the work of listing your home, which we do, and is only due at closing when you sell. We list your home on over a hundred websites and don’t track where buyers come from as they are all able to contact you directly. If you believe that a buyer who previously saw the home may make an offer, we advise you to wait to list the home as we can not exempt them from the fee.

No, you may not list a home that is already under contract to show for backups. There is no way to enter a home under contract in the MLS and to list a home that is under contract as Active would be a violation.

No, it is not allowed to mark a listing in the MLS as For Sale By Owner. Only an agent can post in the MLS and that is what we do for and we must be your listing agent in order to do that. However, We are a limited services brokerage where you select a flat fee package and talk to buyers directly and we then provide as much or as little help as you need. On public websites, OfferDash will be shown as your listing agent by the MLS. And when agents and buyers call you, you can say that you are using a limited services agency and talking to buyers directly.

We recommend giving 10-14 days to fully set up a premium or platinum listing with photos, yard signs, open house signs, and all other aspects. Depending on the day of the week, it can be done quicker, just ask us. Photography typically takes 2-3 days to set up, but at the busiest times of the year can take a few extra days depending upon weather and your schedule..


You do not pay OfferDash for this, but yes, many states require all sellers to provide a Natural Hazard Disclosure Report to buyers in order to sell. A typical fee for this report would be $100 to a title company, but it can vary. The fee for this report is only paid if you close, and can be paid out of closing funds.

Yes, we provide you with the disclosure forms that you are required to provide to buyers.

Yes, we can provide customized legal contract review by an attorney. Just ask customer service for a quote. The cost varies based on the complication level of the legal documents. For general questions, our brokers are always available to answer questions by email or phone, depending on your package.


Yes, OfferDash is the only complete listing platform and you can complete your listing entirely online in one session. You can also come back later and finish any listing, picking up right where you left off. Your listing saves every time you hit the Next button.

The listing will stay in the MLS for 6 months or until the house sells. At the end of 6 months, you may renew your listing without any additional fees.

Unfortunately at this time, we do not.
Yes, your listing will have photos. We allow up to the maximum number that the MLS allows, however recommend entering no more than 36 as many sites will only accept the first 36 photos (such as Either you can provide the pictures yourself or you select professional photography for your listing.
In the top right corner of the page, you can click a button that says, “List a Home”. This will ask you to enter an address and then walk you through the process of entering all the necessary information. You can complete the entire listing right on the website.
Many people choose “cash and conventional” for the payment terms. If you are open to a Buyer who requires an FHA loan you can choose that too. If you aren’t sure, “Submit Your Own Offer” or similar leaves it open.
Once the listing agreement is signed, your listing is reviewed by a broker and submitted for a preliminary title check. If the broker has questions about the listing, they will reach out to you by email. If the listing requires no further information it takes up to 2 business days to become live on the MLS. After it is live on the MLS, the speed it gets to other websites depends upon those websites and how fast they are able to process it. Many sites will have the listing live within 24 hours ( is often less than 4 hours), but most say that it can take up to 72 hours. Changes to listings after the listing is live take up to 1 business day.
Our listing agreement is 6 months because, in most markets, that is an appropriate amount of time to sell a well-priced home. If your home doesn’t sell in 6 months, we can work with you to figure out what to do next, including renewing if that is the best option. There is no charge to renew.
Yes, we do offer support for the sale of homes sold through a short sale. However, additional advising is required prior to listing. Please see our Short Sale Listing section for details and to schedule a call with a Certified Distressed Property Expert.
We are primarily designed for sales, but we can also help with rentals. Every sale listing can add a rental listing. Simply add this as a service after completing your listing in your dashboard. If you want only a rental listing just contact customer service for help. Because there is no closing to track, rental listings must pay the listing fee upfront before listing. Rental listings come with a portal for tenant applications and tenant checks.


Everywhere. The reason we built OfferDash was to make sure that your listing gets the exact same amount of marketing and exposure, if not more, than if it was listed with a traditional agent. We list your home in the MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, Yahoo Real Estate, Homefinder, and hundreds more sites. We also have additional marketing services that let you design a full marketing plan for your home through online ad campaigns, which even most real estate agents won’t do.

Your listing will also be shown on Zillow, Trulia,,, broker sites, and many other public websites.

We can note your preference in the MLS, however, in order to list with us, you are required to be able to accept showing requests by both email and phone call. It is acceptable to accept voicemails and return them. Some websites work by email requests only and many MLSs require a showing to be able to be scheduled by phone in order to make use of the MLS services.
No, we do not post on Craigslist. However, we provide you with a link to your listing that you are able to post anywhere.
Yes, you can add a professional beautiful home flyer to any listing, along with any other open house needs.
Yes, where available for syndication, we publish our listings to international listing sites such as Juwai, Sodichan, Hfunso, Waijule and others.


MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service (or Multi List in some places). This the backend database that real estate agents use to create and share home listings. It is also what most search sites use to get their listings (Zillow, Trulia,, HomeFinder, Re/Max, Coldwell Banker, Redfin, HomeSnap etc). Having your home listed on the MLS is still a critical part of selling a home as 92% of all homes are still sold through the MLS. It also gives you the widest distribution of your home listing.

Yes, every listing on OfferDash is entered into your local MLS.

Only real estate agents and brokers are allowed to put listings in the MLS. OfferDash partners with brokers who are registered members of the MLS.


We do not publicly publish your contact information. The MLS will contain your direct contact information and only be accessible to agents that have access to the MLS. Public inquiries will come through OfferDash and will be redirected to your phone and email contacts so that you may answer them directly.

You can either show your home yourself, or use a lockbox to allow buyer’s agents to show your home.

When you list with OfferDash, we are your limited services broker and listed as your broker in the MLS. It is not allowed for other brokers to contact you soliciting your business. To further prevent these calls, you can choose to have only our contact information listed. When our contact information is listed, they will contact us directly and their phone call or email will be forwarded directly to your phone or email for you to respond directly.
Yes, a buyer’s broker’s best interest is to sell a home to their client. If your home is the one that fits what their client is looking for, that is what they will show. Since you are offering a commission to a buyer’s broker, your house is no different than one listed by a traditional broker. If you are offering below 2% to a buyer’s broker, you may get fewer agent showings or they may work out a deal with the buyer or you to compensate them but still get you a price that you want. However, listing under 2% buyer’s agent commission may also reduce the number of agents that push the home to their clients and reduce the number of inquiries that you receive.


We recommend offering 2.5% to buyer’s brokers.

No matter where you list your home, you are never under any obligation to accept any offer from anyone.

The fee we charge is for the work of listing your home in the MLS and maintaining the listing. It is due to no matter who you sell to. We post the home on over 100 websites, instruct buyers to contact you directly, and do not track where your buyers come from. Our fee is due when you sign a contract to lease or sell the home no matter who you sell to, including family members and neighbors. If you believe that a buyer may be making an offer and you want to avoid the fee, we advise you to wait to see if the buyer makes an offer before listing with us. Once listed, the fee will be due when you sign the contract.
OfferDash takes no commission except the package amount that you have selected upfront. You are paying only for the actual services that you used. You also get to decide what commission you are willing to pay to a buyer’s broker if your buyer has a broker. If your buyer doesn’t have a broker, you pay nothing additional at closing.
Commissions are negotiable and there is no required amount, however, most real estate agents take a 5-6% commission on the sale of a home and give half of that 6% to the buyer’s broker. If the buyer doesn’t have a broker, they usually get to keep the entire 6%, or some reduced amount like 5%.
It is free to create your listing and the basic listing package fee is paid only when you sell. You can get a little help or as much help as you like throughout the sale and we have packages that provide full management. For packages with hard costs such as photography, there is a small upfront charge. Here is a link to our packages. Pricing Guidelines
OfferDash believes that the 3% commission that seller’s agents typically take is outdated and no longer necessary. With OfferDash, you pick your package and pay only for the services that you selected. There are no additional hidden fees or commissions. If you selected the basic listing package, you pay OfferDash only the package fee when you sell.
You would have to cancel your listing with us in order to have someone else list it. You may cancel at any time in writing. You will still owe the fee if you sell your home within 30 days of canceling and you have not listed it with another broker.
The fee for our listing is due whether you rent or sell the home while listed. If you decide to rent it out and haven’t yet found a renter, we can convert your listing to a rental listing on the MLS.
A lot of companies do this as a sales tactic. There are a lot of online pricing tools you can take advantage of to get an estimate of how your home will price. One of the reasons that we are able to offer the services we do at such an economical price point is that we do not have our brokerage team do work unless you are actually signed up for service. The reason that many agents need to charge so much money is that they spend so much of their time doing work for people who won’t end up using their services. This is how we keep our prices fair is to only do that work when it is part of a signed up package.
All listings receive 1 complimentary temporary withdraw and relist. A temporary withdrawal from the MLS takes your home off the market but does not reset Days on Market. After the first temporary withdrawal, all further temporary withdrawals are $39.
The MLS has a minimum buyer’s broker commission that you must select, of 1%. You control whether you pay this or not by whether or not you accept an offer from an agent. If what you want is to have no brokers involved in your sale, we highly recommend simply choose a low commission rate, such as 1%, and then not accept any offers that do not meet your minimum financial goals. For example, if you create a listing for a home for $250,000 and list a 1% commission. Then you receive an offer for $250,000 from a buyer without a broker and an offer for $250,000 from a buyer with a broker. You would select the offer from the buyer without the broker. However, if the broker gave you a buyer’s offer of $260,000 with a 1% commission, you might consider taking the broker’s offer because the net price is $257,400 after the commission is paid, which is more than the $250,000 offer. Even with these two offers, if you still prefer to sell to someone without a broker, you can still accept the $250,000 with no broker, in which case there is no buyer’s broker’s commission.
Yes, you can relist a home that has been canceled to get it back on the market. There is a $39 relisting fee for the first relisting of a canceled listing. Once a home listing is canceled twice, it may be relisted again by paying the full listing fee upfront.


The number one reason homes don’t sell is that they are priced too high. However, it is rare that homes sell for less than they are worth, even if they are priced low, to begin with. A low listing price brings more potential buyers through the door and makes it more likely to start a bidding war. For that reason, we always recommend listing homes at about 1-2% less than comparable homes in the area. Even if you list low, you are never obligated to accept an offer, even if it is what you asked. Two other major reasons that homes don’t sell is if the seller is not responsive enough to buyers and not available for enough showings, or if there is a problem on the property that the seller won’t correct and hasn’t reflected in the list price.

Depending on the package you purchase we can provide consultation after an accepted offer all the way to the closing table.

One of the reasons that OfferDash is able to provide savings for home sellers is that we do not work in person with our sellers. Our customer service team is available by phone, email, and chat, and our brokers and selling team are available by phone and email.
Simply change the status of your listing in your dashboard to delist or remove and we will verify your cancellation with you. It can take several days for the listing to be deleted from other websites such as Zillow or Trulia.
At any point, you can decide that you want a full-service agent. You can ask us to help find you the best agent in your area or send us the name of an agent you want to use and we’ll take care of the rest.
Yes! Many studies done over the last 20 years show that on average, homes sold by owners actually sell for 5-7% more than homes sold by agents, as long as those homes are listed on the MLS. Homes that are not on the MLS tend to sell for up to 9% less. If you sell your home for 5% more than an agent would and don’t pay any commission, that means that you are actually getting 11% of your home price more in cash at closing than you would if you sell with an agent. 11% of a $350,000 home is $38,500. That is actually additional cash that you will get at closing and is yours to keep (minus the package you choose, of course!)