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OfferDash® = a Better Experience

The OfferDash® family helps Buyers and Sellers save time + money by negotiating their real estate purchase agreements online. Our advanced real estate technology allows buyers the ability to make an offer on a property within minutes and helps homeowners net more on the sale of their home; while receiving top-notch support from experienced professionals.

STEP 1 | Find and Tour Homes

Buyers can start by searching our large database of real estate listings that allow for up to a 50% Commission Credit. Schedule an in-person or Virtual Tour to make sure the home is right for you.

STEP 2 | Analyze What it’s Worth

Run a free automated property valuation through the Offer Estimator. This proprietary algorithm helps homebuyers calculate a competitive bid while providing an estimate of the property’s current market value. If you’re looking to buy as an investment property, this estimated real estate valuation will also calculate an in-depth Rental Investment Analysis including cap rate % and potential cash flow returns for the property.

STEP 3 | Draft an Offer

Draft, sign and submit your real estate purchase offer online through the step-by-step OfferDash® submission form. Your offer will be sent to a licensed expert in the state you’re purchasing in, who will reach out to you within 4 hours to finalize your offer submission. Your assigned Agent will make sure all proper documents have been provided and may request some updated items which may be required for offer submission.

STEP 4 | Offer Negotiation

A fully prepared real estate agreement will be sent to your email for final verification and electronic signature. Once signed, the documents will automatically be delivered to the Seller or Listing Agent. The seller may accept or counter your offer. If countered, your assigned agent will help negotiate agreeable terms between the parties. If accepted, escrow will be opened and your deposit will be sent per the contract.

STEP 5 | Escrow & Disclosures

After both parties agree to terms, the assigned agent will assist in opening escrow. If using a loan to purchase, Buyers will begin working closely with their lender to order the appraisal and submit required documents to ensure approval and funding. Once the Seller provides disclosures, our transaction management team will assist Buyers in making sure all required documents are completed prior to close. Disclosures will be sent through Docusign for approval and electronic signature.

STEP 6 | Property Inspections

It is recommended that Buyers complete a home inspection for any property they purchase. Your agent can assist in scheduling inspections with trusted local partners within the first week of opening escrow. A general home inspection will cover the basic items within the house, however, sometimes additional inspections may be needed. Additional inspections typically not covered in a general inspection include Roof, HVAC, pool, and septic.

STEP 6 | Commission Refund

Prior to closing escrow, your Partner Agent will submit a request to escrow instructing them to credit you up to 50% of the real estate agent commission paid by the seller. This credit will be paid at closing and will show up on your final HUD. The commission credit is subject to lender approval and can be used to pay recurring and non-recurring closing costs, including buying down your mortgage interest rate if you’re using a loan.

STEP 7 | Closing and Keys

A few days before escrow closes, we’ll help you schedule a final walkthrough. As soon as funds are in escrow, closing will take place and keys will be scheduled for pickup!