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OfferDash® = a Better Experience

The OfferDash® family helps Buyers and Sellers save time + money by negotiating their real estate purchase agreements online. Our advanced real estate technology allows buyers the ability to make an offer on a property within minutes and helps homeowners net more on the sale of their home; while receiving top-notch support from experienced professionals.

STEP 1 | Find and Tour Homes

Buyers can start by searching our large database of real estate listings. Visit an Open House or schedule a Tour to make sure the home is right for you.

STEP 2 | Analyze What it’s Worth

Run a free automated property valuation through the Offer Estimator. This proprietary algorithm helps homebuyers calculate a competitive bid while providing an estimate of the property’s current market value. If you’re looking to buy as an investment property, this estimated real estate valuation will also calculate an in-depth Rental Investment Analysis including cap rate % and potential cash flow returns for the property.

STEP 3 | Draft an Offer

Draft, sign and submit your real estate purchase offer online through the step-by-step OfferDash® submission form. Your offer will be sent to a licensed expert in the state you’re purchasing in, who will reach out to you within 4 hours to finalize your offer submission. Your assigned Agent will make sure all proper documents have been provided and may request some updated items which may be required for offer submission.

STEP 4 | Offer Negotiation

A fully prepared real estate agreement will be sent to your email for final verification and electronic signature. Once signed, the documents will automatically be delivered to the Seller or Listing Agent. The seller may accept or counter your offer. If countered, your assigned agent will help negotiate agreeable terms between the parties. If accepted, escrow will be opened and your deposit will be sent per the contract.

STEP 5 | Escrow & Disclosures

After both parties agree to terms, the assigned agent will assist in opening escrow. If using a loan to purchase, Buyers will begin working closely with their lender to order the appraisal and submit required documents to ensure approval and funding. Once the Seller provides disclosures, our transaction management team will assist Buyers in making sure all required documents are completed prior to close. Disclosures will be sent through Docusign for approval and electronic signature.

STEP 6 | Property Inspections

It is recommended that Buyers complete a home inspection for any property they purchase. Your agent can assist in scheduling inspections with trusted local partners within the first week of opening escrow. A general home inspection will cover the basic items within the house, however, sometimes additional inspections may be needed. Additional inspections typically not covered in a general inspection include Roof, HVAC, pool, and septic.

STEP 6 | Commission Refund

Prior to closing escrow, your Partner Agent will submit a request to escrow instructing them to credit you up to 50% of the real estate agent commission paid by the seller. This credit will be paid at closing and will show up on your final HUD. The commission credit is subject to lender approval and can be used to pay recurring and non-recurring closing costs, including buying down your mortgage interest rate if you’re using a loan.

STEP 7 | Closing and Keys

A few days before escrow closes, we’ll help you schedule a final walkthrough. As soon as funds are in escrow, closing will take place and keys will be scheduled for pickup!

STEP 1 | Analyze Your Home Value

Sellers simply start by running a free automated property valuation report through the Offer Estimator. This proprietary algorithm calculates the value of what an investor might pay Cash for the Property vs. what it could sell for on the Open Market when listed with an Agent.

STEP 2 | Choose your listing Path

Sellers have four options to choose from when Selling through OfferDash®. Select from a quick Cash Offer Auction and your property will be sent to our network of Cash investors to bid on your home. If you’d rather list on the MLS, you can choose our DIY option or list with a local agent for a low 1% fee.

  • Cash Offer Auction – Sellers who request an offer through a Cash Offer Auction can do so without paying any listing fees. Preferred Investor members are provided with the Seller’s requests to bid, and multiple offers are typically received within days. Investors pay all fees to close including escrow, title, and any commissions payable.
  • DIY Seller ListingSellers who elect to do the majority of work themselves with a DIY Listing can purchase MLS listing packages and resources from our store in order to help them complete their sale. From an Open House Kit to transaction coordination, we’ve got you covered. Pricing varies, see current pricing and details here.
  • List with a Local Agent for 1% – Selling a home through a real estate broker has typically proven to net more for home sellers. Choose to use the OfferDash® platform to list a property for sale and we’ll connect you with our Partner Agents who provide an exclusive listing agreement for as low as a 1% listing success fee upon closing.
  • Short Sale Listing – If you’re having difficulty making your mortgage payments due to economic or personal hardship, you may qualify for a short sale listing. If your property value has declined further than your mortgage amount, you can request a short sale from your lender. There are $0 in upfront fees and your lender will pay all costs; often providing a $10,000+ relocation allowance.

STEP 3 | Listing Consultation

Once you’ve selected your desired listing path (or if you have further questions), we will connect you with our listing team who will reach out to you within 4 hours for a free seller consultation. We will confirm the price targets you’re looking for and provide guidance on which path may produce the best outcome for your desired needs. If you decide to move forward, you will be assigned a local Partner Agent, and depending on your chosen path, your listing agreement will be sent via electronic signature for signature.

STEP 4 | Going to Market

It’s now time to prepare for offers and get your home ready to go to market. If you choose a Cash Offer auction your home will be sent out to our network of preferred real estate investors. If going the DIY or traditional route, your local agent will schedule professional photos, 3D virtual tours, floorplans, and staging, lockbox, or signs depending on your preferences. Once photos and media come in, your home will be submitted to the MLS as a coming soon listing to generate a buzz until your home is ready for buyers to tour.

STEP 5 | Scheduled Tours

Once your home hits the market and a Buyer requests a tour of your home, you will receive a text or email from our system confirming the date/time of the requested tour. You can simply reply Y to confirm or N to reject the request and recommend a new time. You can also set desired day/time restrictions or open houses to simplify the process.

STEP 6 | Offer Negotiation

When offers come in, they will be forwarded to you directly. If you choose the 1% listing service or add on a contract negotiation package, your Agent will review all offers with you and respond per your request. You can manage and review all offer highlights direct through your Offer Dashboard. Once you accept an offer, your local agent will help open escrow.

STEP 7 | Seller Disclosures

You will be provided with required seller disclosures to complete either upon listing or once an agreement is made. If your property is within an HOA, you will need to order your HOA docs (often an upfront fee from your HOA is required) direct from your Home Owners Association. Your transaction manager will assist in preparing and sending seller disclosures to you via electronic signature.

STEP 8 | Repair Requests

After the Buyer has completed all of their property inspections, they may request a repair adjustment. This may either be something that they request you fix prior to close, or the request can be in the form of a credit towards closing costs. Although you’re not obligated to accept any repair requests if you’re not in agreement, at that time the Buyer may cancel the contract if the terms are not agreeable.

STEP 9 | Contingency Removal

After the Buyer has reviewed all of your Seller Disclosures, and the terms of any repair request are acceptable, the Buyer will remove all contingencies and the home will move to close. If the Buyer is using a loan, the appraisal contingency will be removed typically once the home comes in at value, an adjustment to the price is made, or an agreement is made for the Buyer to pay the difference.

STEP 10 | Closing & Payment

Once all contingencies are removed, it’s time to complete any agreed-upon repairs and schedule movers. Once the Buyer’s funds are sent to escrow and you sign the grant deed, a title company will record the sale in your county offices. Escrow will disburse payment directly to you through a wire transfer or your preferred method. For those looking to save on taxes, our 1031 advisors are available to assist.

STEP 1 | Sign up to our Deal list

Investors can easily signup with their email for updates on investment opportunities available from potential sellers.

STEP 2 | Chat with an Investment Advisor

Schedule a free call with our investment team so we can refine your investment criteria and start putting your goals on our map. Our advisors are trained to hunt deals, find value-add, cash flow income-producing assets, and can assist with asset management, purchase, and disposition of investor assets.

STEP 3 | Investment Analysis

Run a free automated Investment Property analysis through our real estate investment analyzer. This proprietary algorithm calculates an in-depth Rental Investment Analysis including cap rate % and potential cash flow returns for the property. It will also recommend the value you might pay Cash for the Property vs. what it could sell for in renovated condition on the Open Market when listing with an Agent.

STEP 4 | Submit Cash Bids

Once you’ve found a deal you’re interested in, submit your purchase offer online through the step-by-step OfferDash® submission form. Your offer will be sent to our transaction management team who package your offer and present it to the seller.

STEP 5 | Open Escrow

If the seller accepts your offer, a fully prepared real estate agreement will be sent to your email for final verification and electronic signature. Once signed, the documents will automatically be delivered to all parties.

STEP 6 | Disclosures & Inspections

You will typically be provided with one full day to complete property inspections, which will need to be done within 5 days of opening escrow. Our transaction management team will assist in opening escrow and obtaining seller disclosures. Within that timeframe, the seller will also provide all seller disclosures for your review. All documents will be sent to you for electronic signature and our transaction team will help ensure all required documents are complete prior to close.

STEP 7 | Closing and Keys

Depending on the terms of the deal, we will help coordinate any move-out or eviction processes. Escrow will provide you with an estimated HUD and the $ amount needed to close. They will also coordinate a mobile notary to sign any items required for closing. A few days before escrow closes, your Partner Agent will schedule a final walkthrough of the property for you if desired. As soon as your funds are in escrow, the title company will release for closing to take place and keys will be scheduled for pickup!

Builder Sales

We partner with real estate developers and builders to bring new home communities to market.
OfferDash assists quality home builders with marketing new home communities direct to consumers while providing resources and rates to improve the bottom line.

Land Acquisition

Our land brokerage division assists developers in finding, entitling, and building exceptional real estate developments. From urban in-fill development to master-planned communities, we help developers meet investor expectations.

Bulk Sales

Investors who buy/sell more than 2 homes per year can save on fees through our bulk sale program. Homebuilders can take advantage of our skilled network of new home sales agents experienced in launching the sale of a new community. Please contact our OfferDash investment advisor for a free consultation and exclusive offering package.