Services + Pricing Guideline

50% Commission Credit when Buying

When a Buyer makes their offer online through OfferDash®, they’ll receive a rebate of up to 50% of the commission received by the OfferDash® Partner agency*. This credit can be used to pay for buyers closing costs, pay down their mortgage interest rate, or can even be credited back to the seller to help lower the purchase price.

The rebate will appear on the HUD statement (and applicable forms) and is subject to your lender’s approval and state laws. The rebate applies to any home listed in the multiple listing service (MLS), new construction, and more. You do not have to buy a home listed by an OfferDash® Partner Agent to qualify. Learn More…

Selling with OfferDash®

Cash Offer Auction
$0fee paid by investor
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Close within days
  • No obligation
  • Unlimited bids
  • Unlimited support
MLS Only Listing
$995paid upfront
  • 1 MLS Listing
  • 10 Free Listing Changes
  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Free Listing Syndication
  • Free Home Value Report
  • 2 hrs of Broker Support
Contracts Only
$2495paid upfront
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Purchase Agreement
  • All Required Disclosures
  • Agent Visual Inspection
  • Electronic Signature
  • Free Legal Support
  • Unlimited Broker Support

Property Owner Services + Fees

Property Owners may utilize the OfferDash® system, free of charge with no obligation. Owners can run an unlimited number of valuation reports and may receive offers from qualified buyers as well as a free consultation from a licensed real estate agent. If the Owner chooses to sell their property through OfferDash®, they will be provided with several listing paths. The Owner can either choose to receive a Cash Offer from OfferDash’s network of Investors, list their home on the MLS through a DIY Listing, or through a full service listing with an OfferDash® Partner Agent.

Cash Offer Auctions

When you sell your home through a Cash Offer Auction, you pay $0 in listing fees. All commission and closing fees including title and escrow will be paid for by the Investor.

DIY Seller Pricing

Do-it-yourselfers can gain access to the tools and resources necessary to sell their home themselves with an OfferDash® DIY Listing. Sellers pay a flat fee of $995 to list their property on the local MLS and a buyers agency fee as low as 2%+ upon closing*.

1% Listing Service

Sellers who want a full-service experience can list through the OfferDash® platform with our approved Partner Agents. Sellers pay $0 upfront and a 1% listing success fee upon closing. Sellers are also encouraged to provide a buyer’s agent commission of 2%+ upon closing. Learn More…

Investor Services + Fees

Property Investors may utilize the OfferDash® system to find real estate investment opportunities from property owners willing to sell at an average of 33%+ under market. Investors can run an unlimited number of valuation reports and may submit offers to sellers direct through OfferDash®.

Cash Offer Auction

Approved Investor Members who make offers on an instant offer auction may do so under the following circumstances: (1) The Investor pays a 5% acquisition fee (min. $7,500) upon closing (2) The Buyer pays a $149 service fee to OfferDash® upon closing. (3) The Buyer pays a $600 transaction coordination fee upon closing. (4) The Investor is a Preferred Investor member in good standing. (5) The Seller and Investor are in compliance with this agreement and all OfferDash® policies.

New Home + Bulk Sales

Investors who sell more than 2 homes per year can save on fees through our bulk sale program. Homebuilders can take advantage of our skilled network of new home sales agents experienced in launching the sale of your new community. Please contact our OfferDash® investment advisor for a free consultation and exclusive offering package.