MLS Entry Only Listing




Our MLS Entry Only Listing provides everything you need to get your property listed on the MLS and displayed on the top real estate websites.


  • 1 MLS Listing
    Your property will be entered into the MLS database.
  • 10 Free Listing Changes
    When you need to change your listing price, status, terms, etc.
  • Listing Syndication
    Your MLS listing will be syndicated out to real estate websites like, Redfin, Zillow, Broker Sites, etc.
  • Showing Appointment Scheduler
    Buyers can set up appointments online through our appointment center and requests will be sent directly to your phone or email. Simply reply Y to accept an appointment or N to reject and request another time.
  • Free Comparative Sales Report
    Reports on recently sold homes, market trends, and much more.
  • Free to Cancel
    If you decide not to sell, we can pull your listing without any additional fees.
  • Free call forwarding
    If we get a call on your listing, we will direct them straight over to you.
  • 2 Hours of Licensed Broker support
    When you have questions, you can schedule a call with our licensed brokers.
  • 6-month listing
    Your listing is good for a 6-month term. Extensions can be purchased at a 50% discount.

Note: This is an MLS Only Listing and doesn’t include any contract negotiation or forms. However, you can add-on any of these items to this listing package. In addition to this listing service, Sellers agree to pay a minimum of 2% to a Buyers Agency.


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