40 Shoe Bootie Covers


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Disposable shoe covers using high-quality & extra thick & strong & long-lasting CPE materials, waterproof, non-slip. Color: blue, Inludes 40 pieces (20 Pairs). NOT Nylon, Foam, Plastic/PVC, paper, Woven polypropylene.

Adjustable size-ONE SIZE FITS ALL: The elasti rubber band at the end of the unisex footwear overshoe is traction and not easy to break. The stretch is about 14 inches long and 5.9 inches wide. Keep the stability of the shoe cover on the foot when moving.

The waterproof protective design with elasti instead of drawstring closures or laces, Providing a layer of protection between the floor or ground and your feet or shoes, can prevent water, dust, dirt and moisture from entering the shoe covers, Keep your floor clean and under protection, avoid permanent stains or damage.


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