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OfferDASH® helps Buyers and Sellers save time + money by negotiating their real estate purchase agreements online. Sellers have the ability to get several Cash Offers from approved Investors through a Cash Offer Auction without paying any listing fees; while Buyers can receive up to a 50% commission credit by making their offer online!

Patrick Hale


Patrick has a diverse background in real estate, including Home Building & Construction, Mixed-Use Real Estate Development and Residential/Commercial Real Estate Brokerage. He has founded several PropTech startups and built technology that has accounted for over $1Billion in sales. Patrick has a degree from San Diego State University and is a seasoned California Real Estate Broker with 16+ Years of Real Estate experience. When away from the office, Patrick is traveling with family, exploring restaurants and building businesses.

*All offers are serviced through licensed real estate brokers and home service providers.

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